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From 'Made in Jinjiang' to 'Created in Jinjiang'

Updated : 2014-09-23

Long deemed as a hub of manufacturing, Jinjiang city in Fujian province is quietly taking the mantle of self-invention.

From 'Made in Jinjiang' to 'Created in Jinjiang'

A gold-prize-winning design at an industrial design competition in Jinjiang in 2013. [Photo by Peng Juan/China Daily]

Anta, a local branded sportswear company, is leading the innovation drive by rendering more tech elements into its sneakers.

“Sports brands value function, and professionalism as well as creativity. They emphasize technology, the protection of sports activities and the use of new materials. So from this perspective, Anta is not different to Nike and Adidas,” Lai Shixian, COO of Anta, told China Daily.

The company has spent about 95 million yuan ($15 million) on scientific research of its products in the first half of 2014, which accounts for 4.2 percent of its total sales.

It is studying a new water proof material which is a combination of lightness and air permeability, and thus will make the feet more comfortable.

Anta is a microcosm of self-innovation in Jinjiang in recent years.

In 2012, the 20th anniversary of its foundation as a city, Jinjiang opened an international industrial design park which gathered a cluster of companies engaging in cultural design. It has complemented its manufacturing sector and laid the foundation for future industrial transformation and upgrades.

Last year, Jinjiang hosted an industrial design competition, attracting more than 3,600 pieces of design work to resonate with the city’s innovation achievement.

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