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Jinjiang to improve shoe-manufacturing

Updated : 2015-04-21
By Peng Juan(

Jinjiang, a well-known "footwear capital" in East China's Fujian province, is promoting its shoe-manufacturing to a new level.

As one of the most important events in China's shoe industry, the 17th Jinjiang International Footwear Exposition, which kicked off on April 18, attracted more than 500 companies from some 70 countries in the world, including Britain, Italy and Germany.

Jinjiang to improve shoe-manufacturing

As a footwear capital, Jinjiang is home to a great number of leading shoe companies.. The number of footwear producers in Jinjiang rose to 3,338 with some 250,000 employees in 2014, with industrial revenue of 94 billion yuan ($15 billion). [Photo by Peng Juan/]

The industry technology area is a highlight of this year's event. The 1,200 square meter area not only showcases high-tech and innovative products, but also brings in the automation technology.

Tien Kang Co., Ltd, a leading brand in footwear machine manufacturing headquartered in Taiwan, was crowded by visitors at the event.

Ivy Lai, the regional Sales Manager of the company told reporters that automation has become a trend in footwear machine industry, as it can cut labor costs and save energy.

“A traditional machine might need 60 to 100 laborers to operate, while the automated machine only needs 1 or 2,” Lai said, “and the power consumption can be reduced by 50 percent.”

Lai claimed that many footwear companies in Taiwan have already realized automation, and they are looking for new opportunities in Jinjiang.

Chen Ruiwen, CEO of Taiwan's Woei Rong Machinery Co.,Ltd, which which produces industrial sewing machines, said that high-tech machines have received a warm welcome.

New materials, new technology, and 3D printing are being displayed in another 1,000 sq m section.

Climbing Fan Sports Goods (Fujian) Co.,Ltd., a local company, has applied 3D printing technology to their football shoes manufacturing.

“The technology will accelerate the shoe-making process, and cut costs by 20 percent,” said Zhang Jing, the sales manager of the company.

3D printing technology boomed in 2013 in the United States, and some leading brands such as Adidas and Nike have applied it to running shoes. However, the new technology has just got off the ground in China.

“We are just testing the water, and the market's response seems good so far,” Zhang said.

In fact, the industry has been getting more innovative in recent years. The city has two national technology centers and more than ten provincial high-tech enterprises.

Liu Wenru, mayor of Jinjiang municipal government, said in an interview that since Premier Li Keqiang advanced the concept of "Made in China 2025", the city has made great efforts to become more competitive.

“We are striving to develop by informatization and intelligentialization,” Liu said.

By Peng Juan from China Daily Fujian Bureau

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