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Updated : 2015-05-01

The city of Jinjiang now has a complete medical care system covering both urban and rural areas,which is still expanding. There are 858 medical and related institutes, including 28 public hospitals, 45 private hospitals, 33 private clinics, 85 community health service stations and 667 clinics in surrounding villages, with the more prominent ones being:

Jinjiang Hospital

This is the largest with most advanced medical equipment in the city, and a Class-III general hospital rating. It has 650 beds and a wealth of hi-tech medical equipment that puts it higher than its counterparts in Fujian province. The hospital also has the most advanced, multi-purpose intensive care unit and pediatric intensive care unit.

Telephone: 0595-8568-3434

Address: 392 Xinhua St, Meiling Ave, Jinjiang


Jinjiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

This hospital is a Class III general hospital for traditional Chinese medicine treatment with advanced equipment for diagnoses and treatments. It has 520 beds and can provide characteristic Chinese medicine therapy and treatments that are cheap and effective.


Address: 1105 Quanan Mid Rd, Jinjiang


Jinjiang Anhai Hospital

This hospital is a Class-II general hospital with 508 beds and a pioneer in myocardial infarction treatments, and the reconnecting of severed fingers as well as broke arm surgery.

Telephone: 0595-85786586

Address: Haiba Middle Road, Anhai town, Jinjiang


Jinjiang Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention

This center is responsible for the control and prevention of infectious diseases, parasitic diseases, endemic diseases, and chronic non-infectious diseases and is in charge of public health emergencies and technological management and services for disease control and prevention.

Telephone: 0595-8568-1251

Address: 120 Hongzhaian, Qingyang St, Jinjiang.


Jinjiang Maternity and Child Care Center

This center is a Class II special hospital for maternity and child care and provides premarital check-ups free of charge. It has 100 beds.

Telephone: 0595-568-1857

Address: 139 Xiaxingzhang, Qingyang area, Jinjiang.




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